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We'd like to take this opportunity to share with our visitors what exactly it is Casino Ranking does!

We rank casinos according to quality, offering a Top 10 list, Free gambling money, games and more. Quality is defined by:

  • Graphical interface - Are the graphics eye candy? Superficial? Boring?

  • Odds of winning - Are the games rigged? Payout percentage? We make sure everything is up to par.

  • Customer/Technical Support - Some casinos offer amazing game play but no support! 

  • Realism - Do you feel like your in Las Vegas when you hit the jackpot?

  • Software - Who supplies the software? Have they garnered a good name? Prominent software suppliers are Boss Media and Microgaming. Meanwhile we will not list Starnetc casinos due to the bad reputation they have earned.

  • Fast Paying - We all hate to wait for money we've won! Some casinos take eons to send you a check. Meanwhile others go out of their way to impress you with their payout schedule. 

We're also committed to keeping up with the times, and we've recently added a selection of the Best Poker Rooms to our website. Poker rooms enable you to play against real players and is the latest craze in online gaming. 

We also realize that internet gambling is an international preoccupation. We have therefore divided up casinos into different regional sections. For example, a player from France can look on our France page and find casinos with french software, french customer support, and play in Euros.






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