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Responsible Gaming :


For most of the Players who take a seat at the Poker Room tables or at an online casino, gaming is an exciting and pleasurable experience. In order to further enhance this experience, we recommend that you bear the following in mind:

  • Make sure that your decision to game is your personal choice.

  • Always remember to establish limits for purchasing, wagering and losses before you commence playing.

  • Never game if:

    • You are younger than the legal gaming age.

    • It interferes with your daily responsibilities.

    • You are in recovery for any dependency.

    • You are under the influence of alcohol or any other substance.

    • You are attempting to make up for prior losses.

    • Your primary aim is to recoup your debt with your winnings.

If you find yourself gambling for any of the reasons above, we urge you to seek help. You're not alone, there are many who face the same obstacles. It's a winner who seeks help when they find the chips are stacked against them.

These support groups are professional and offer help to those who require it:

Gamblers Anonymous:
National Council on Problem Gambling Help line:
GamCare (UK-based) Helpline: 0-845-6000-13. 






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